Our Responsible Investment Policy

Responsible Investment Policy Report

This policy statement covers the investment governance with relation to responsible investing and environment, social, and governance (ESG) frameworks and should be considered in the context of our governance and charter documents.

Financial Services Council Questionaire

This document includes Value Investment Partners' response to the multi-asset and tactical asset allocation strategy Financial Services Council Questionnaire package. As a firm transparency is key and we believe that all our investors should have access to as much non-proprietary information as possible.

"We believe that companies that understand their role in the community and advocate for a best practice approach to their business operations, as well as with how they conduct themselves in matters regarding the community, generate long term excess returns for investors."

Value Investment Partners is soon to reach a decade of servicing our clients and facilitating the achievement of their financial goals. Over those years we not only have achieved this through strong absolute returns in all of our product offerings but strived to improve the firm’s operations, procedures, and policies so we can continue to service new and existing clients with improved experiences. This policy is the next step in the firm providing exceptional service and communication to its clients.

We have a clear set of beliefs as investment professionals and our vision is to protect and create wealth for our investors by proactively managing portfolios of transparent, well managed, easy to understand, and undervalued investments, all of which follow a rigorous investment management process that aims to protect wealth and minimise investment risks in volatile times.

Core to this objective is the belief that the investments that meet our requirements to achieve long term wealth creation and protection are those which are managed well and run responsibly. Although this is how we have conducted ourselves as an investment manager over the last decade, it is not until now that we have formalised our approach to responsible investing based off the success of our responsible investment management process employed over the last decade.

The policy statement details the responsible investing practices which have been an intrinsic part of the investment process since the firm’s inception, as well outlining the new policy measures that are being integrated into our investment approach for all products. Particular attention will be paid to new theme-based investment products with investment objectives and mandates founded in ESG principles. 

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