How to Invest & Managed Accounts

The Value Investment Partners portfolios are only available via the Sterling Managed Discretionary Account and Sterling Super & Pension Plan.

What Is A Managed Account

A Managed Account is an investment vehicle that allows an investor to hold directly owned assets, such as shares, in an environment where administration is much easier and more streamlined, and most importantly the portfolio is managed on an ongoing basis. There are a number of ways to invest in direct securities. These include via a broker (i.e. an online broker or stock broker) or via a Managed Account. Managed Accounts provide investment in direct assets, such as via a stock broking service; however, they also provide ongoing professional management of these direct assets by a portfolio manager. In this way a Managed Account is like a managed fund; however you own the underlying securities as opposed to units in a fund. And this direct ownership provides the transparency, control, tax- effectiveness, and portability. The table below summaries this comparison and shows that Managed Accounts are the best of both worlds.