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Our Philosophy

The Global Financial Crisis has shown us that a lack of transparency can present many
unknown risks, even in defensive asset classes. We believe in providing investors with the
peace of mind of knowing the entire composition of their portfolios at any time and regular
portfolio reporting to communicate our views, approach, and delivered outcomes.

These frustrations include a:

  • Lack of transparency in many fund manager portfolios;
  • Many fund managers taking a passive, or index, approach to portfolio construction and thus achieve index returns whilst charging active management fees; &,
  • Fund managers having inflexible investment mandates which do not allow them to exit asset classes, or sector, when they can clearly see that specific asset classes are in danger of market correction such as during the GFC.

Our experience with clients has shown us that investors are not only looking to fund
managers to use their expertise to create wealth, but are also looking to the fund managers
for protection of that wealth when asset bubbles or unfavourable economic conditions
present themselves.

This belief has reinforced our investment philosophy of delivering Excess Risk-Adjusted
Returns by undertaking an active approach of investment within undervalued assets with
a focus on wealth preservation and risk reduction.