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VIP Australian Share Leaders


The VIP Australian Shares Leaders portfolio aims to provide investors with investment income and capital growth in excess of the S&P/ASX 100 Index over the over the long term from investment in a portfolio of shares from Australia’s largest 100 ASX listed companies by market capitalisation (cap).

The portfolio invests in 15 to 30 Australian shares within the S&P/ASX 100 index that have been selected via a Quantitative and Qualitative screening process. This process aims to short list companies that are transparent and easy to understand, run by good management, priced below their valuation, &, display attractive growth prospects.

Investor Suitability

The VIP Australian Shares Leaders portfolio is suitable for investors who:

  • Are seeking long term capital growth and some income, primarily from franked dividends, from a portfolio of large cap Australian shares.
  • Are prepared to accept the risk of price fluctuations particularly over periods less than the minimum investment timeframe.
  • Are prepared to invest for the minimum investment timeframe of between 5 and 7 years, and understand that capital preservation is not guaranteed.

Asset Allocation

VIP Australian Share Leaders - Indic AA & Range

The VIP Australian Share Leaders portfolio aims to be fully invested in Australian shares; however the portfolio can hold up to 100% allocation in Cash.

Portfolio Details

VIP Australian Share Leaders
Indicative number of holdings 15 – 30
Authorised Investments & Maximum Portfolio Exposure Australian Shares – 98%, Cash – 100%
Maximum exposure to a single investment 15%
Risk Profile High
Performance Benchmark S&P/ASX100 Index

Portfolio Performance & Portfolio Update

For information the current portfolio update and performance please download the current Portfolio Profile & Update document.