Transparency With Value Investment Partners

Our central philosophy is in-line with one of the most successful investors Mr Warren Buffett who says “All we want is to be in businesses that we understand, run by people we like, and priced attractively relative to their future prospects”. These core tenants of transparency, management competence, undervaluation, and growth potential are built into our quantitative and qualitative investment screening and selection process.

Portfolio Screening & Investment Process

This Quantitative and Qualitative screening process filters assets within each investment class universe to provide a short-list of quality assets that fit our philosophy of undervalued, transparent, and easy to understand businesses that are run by good management and display attractive growth prospects. For instance, the VIP Australian Shears Leaders portfolio is constructed by firstly screening the top 200 Australian shares by market capitalisation via 57 Quantitative measures testing over 7,200 points of data everyday to identify undervalued investments on the Australian Stock Exchange . The companies that rank the highest in each sector then are screened via a Qualitative process that considers the companies:

External factors – Considering elements such as political, technological, and economic factors.

Competitive factors – Considering elements such as competitive landscape, competitive position, and competitive advantage.

Company Specific factors – Considering elements such as company strategy, management, financial position, and risks.