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Flexibility, Transparency, Opportunity

Water has the ability to adapt and dominate its environment, to identify and exploit any gaps or flaws in a structure. Our portfolios aim to be like water as reflected in three facets that characterize VIP – Flexibility, Transparency, and Opportunity.


Professionally and actively managed diversified and sector-specific portfolios of transparent assets

Economic Outlook for October

The backend of September showed promise of continued gains in the stock market for 2018 until October saw devastation with the Australian All Ordinaries falling 6.47% and below the coveted 6000 mark for the first time since April. After months of unease among...

Economic Outlook for September

While August posted record highs on the stock market, it showed signs of softening at the back end of the month and this trend spurred into September, with the month starting with a correction before steadily working upwards again. As a result of this, companies such...

Economic Outlook For August

The end of August brought the Australian stock market to a ten-year high, with VIP benefitting particularly from CSL’s +15.61% return for the month, an outstanding performer for the year thus far with +79.15% for the year. Following the Health Care trend, Resmed also posted a +10.24% return, and Seven Group bounced back with +8.71% for August.

Economic Outlook for July

Though moderately volatile, July continued off the back of a very strong June, posting a steady return on the ASX. Notably, CIMIC Group recorded a strong month with +14.26%, as well as Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and Challenger, posting returns of +8.03% and +5.16% respectively. In the US, Trump’s long-time personal lawyer Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty to eight charges, including breaking campaign finance rules. Given that these charges are directly linked to expenses paid to hush the extra-marital affair saga the President has since denied, this could have significant effects on Trump’s term as President. However, if anything, the last two years have proven that the POTUS is essentially untouchable despite all the misgivings on his character, dealings and alleged collusions with the Russian government. His former campaign chief Paul Manafort has also been convicted of eight charges including tax and bank fraud, although Trump was quick to distance himself from this case.

Economic Outlook for June

While May saw the largely expected correction in the markets, June brought windfall to the ASX, edging it towards a 10-year high. On the back of this, relative newcomers to
the VIP portfolios Computershare and Costa Group Holdings performed well over the month with returns of 6.29% and 4.70% respectively. Moreover, Seek returned 7.97%
for June, and is priced at all-time highs for the job matching company.

Economic Outlook for May

May saw the expected correction in markets after a meteoric rise of the all ordinaries in April. With it came strong returns from Challenger, which posted a return of 19.35% for May after being somewhat lacklustre for the last six months. Aristocrat Leisure and CSL...

May, June, and the Influence of Capital Gains and Losses

Each year, the months of May and June bring excitement and anticipation, a time where the smallest detail can make the biggest difference in a result that has endured a full year’s build up. This refers not to State of Origin, but tax time of course. As the end of financial year 2017 approaches, anyone with a vested interest in the world of investment has their eyes turned to capital gains tax, and what this entails for their returns and performance for the financial year. This is particularly true for investment firms, who exist in a world where capital gains tax is a vital facet to perfect in terms of displaying proficiency in funds management.