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Flexibility, Transparency, Opportunity

Water has the ability to adapt and dominate its environment, to identify and exploit any gaps or flaws in a structure. Our portfolios aim to be like water as reflected in three facets that characterize VIP – Flexibility, Transparency, and Opportunity.


Professionally and actively managed diversified and sector-specific portfolios of transparent assets

Economic Outlook for May

May saw the expected correction in markets after a meteoric rise of the all ordinaries in April. With it came strong returns from Challenger, which posted a return of 19.35% for May after being somewhat lacklustre for the last six months. Aristocrat Leisure and CSL...

May, June, and the Influence of Capital Gains and Losses

Each year, the months of May and June bring excitement and anticipation, a time where the smallest detail can make the biggest difference in a result that has endured a full year’s build up. This refers not to State of Origin, but tax time of course. As the end of financial year 2017 approaches, anyone with a vested interest in the world of investment has their eyes turned to capital gains tax, and what this entails for their returns and performance for the financial year. This is particularly true for investment firms, who exist in a world where capital gains tax is a vital facet to perfect in terms of displaying proficiency in funds management.

Amazon and the Australian Retail Market

While many events, occurrences, and advancements have taken place in the last few decades, only a select few are able to rival the introduction of the internet into mainstream society. With the internet came infinite access to information and communication, and therefore possibility and change. Unimmune to one of the greatest advancements in technological history was the brick and mortar retail market, which was suddenly exposed to competition from around the world. Although Australia has now been accustomed to the likes of eBay and Amazon, the industry is due for its latest shakeup with Amazon announcing its imminent physical arrival in Australia.

Technology of Tomorrow, Today

It has always been said that necessity is the mother or invention – the human pursuit of making day-to-day living easier, more comfortable, and more efficient has forever spurred the continual innovation in areas such as communication, information, and travel. In fact, in this day and age, it is fair to wonder what else we could possibly need, although it is important to note that almost everyone during their existence in history has lived at the height of technological innovation. At present, the face of innovation is largely looking towards artificial intelligence, automation, and better integration as the basis of technologies that may not yet be in the common household, but are progressively pressing towards the forefront of everyday society.

Green Gold: Medical Marijuana

For decades, the subject of medical marijuana has long been a contentious topic. However, after years of campaigning from patients who have received relief from the drug despite obtaining it on the black market, the Federal Government has made legal the cultivation and manufacturing of medical marijuana in Australia in November 2016. Although now legal to produce for medicinal purposes, distribution of the cannabis plant is regulated by each state.

Investing in a Trump World

One month into his four-year term as POTUS and President Trump has already caused a worldwide stir through questionable cabinet choices, alternative facts, and controversial decisions such as his executive orders to place travel bans from selected countries with high Muslim populations, and the defunding of international planned parenthood. In fact, unless one is an avid follower of Fox News, it is hard to remember the last time there was a positive article or news story on Donald Trump.

What if France or Germany left the EU?

Given that 2016 featured two major underdogs that have changed the balance of the world, these being Brexit and President Trump, it is logical to ask what major political and economic movements could occur in 2017 that will have a severe impact on the global economy. Events that immediately come to the forefront of the mind are the French election occurring in April, and the German election in September. With a rising of anti-European Union rhetoric sweeping both nations, it makes one wonder what could happen if either were to follow the United Kingdom’s lead and leave the Union, particularly as the French and German contributions comparatively dwarfs the UK’s.